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Vieques is considered to be a hidden jewel in the Caribbean. This is mainly due to its numerous beaches that have remained undeveloped and in their natural state. Crystal clear waters and white sands are scattered throughout the island and can be accessed by venturing through unpaved trails.

Bioluminescent Bay:
The world famous Mosquito Bay (bioluminescent bay) can be seen from the roofdeck of Villa Coral. This magical, natural phenomenon is the brightest of its kind according to the Guiness Book of World Records. Night tours will allow you to experience the stars in the water by kayak or boat.

Water Activities:
Some popular activities to enjoy in our crystalline waters include snorkeling, scuba diving, sailing, kayaking, fishing, or a combination of these. Local companies departing from Esperanza offer tours for those who prefer to be guided.

Dining on Vieques can be an experience of its own. Although Vieques is a tiny island, there is a varitey of restaurants that allow you to choose among the many cultures that blend on the island. Not only can you find puerto rican food, but also fusion cuisine, sushi, seafood, and family comfort food as well. Get ready to sit and relax while you wait for your meal though. There are no fast food joints on the island.